Connect Hypnobirthing & coronavirus update:

At the present time I am unable to confirm if our in person hypnobirthing courses from April onwards will be able to take place. This will be updated on the best available evidence and government guidance. However in the event we cannot meet in person I would like to offer you to join me at the same time (12-5pm each day), via zoom. We will this way be able to connect and chat openly as a group, making the same important friendship connections. I’d encourage you as a couple to be ready to engage, discuss, debate and plan your births. We will keep our outlook positive and connect with our baby’s. The session plan will remain unchanged, and you will have access to the same support ongoing. 

Our online course will be available to watch back and you will be able to access all the same online resources. I will be delivering to your door your gift pack with your physical resources and additional materials. 

What are we all about? Connections & family

I am so glad you have found me here, Connect is ALL about Midwifery support and Hypnobirthing.

Here you can find the best evidence based information, free hypnobirthing MP3’s, and access to an online resource bundle completely free!

You can also find in person hypnobirthing courses with Alice in both Lancashire and Cumbria. For really dedicated support, designed to meet your every pregnancy and birth need.

So take a look around! But if you have any questions just send Alice a quick message and she will book a one- to -one chat with you.

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