Birth Story 1

Alison and Matt’s Birth Story


Our beautiful Amaya arrived into the world at 5am this morning, weighing 6lb 14.

We arrived at the hospital fully dilated – the midwife was shocked that I had only phoned once and taken two paracetamol to get to this point.  

Once in the pool she retreated and my contractions slowed down.  They commented my breathing was great but after 3 hours my pushes weren’t powerful enough and I needed the help of forceps. In hindsight I should have rested a lot more prior but I wasn’t anticipating her coming early.

 I used a bit of gas but to be honest I don’t think it did anything and I didn’t have any other drugs or painkillers. 

I do think the hypnobirthing sessions helped me enormously- whilst at home I played the ‘silent waves’ music and kept it on whilst in the pool too. 

Despite the birth not going entirely to my plan, I was calm throughout and baby Amaya got a really good apgar score of 9.5. 

Apart from me being a bit tender we are both doing well.  Amaya breastfed straight away and has slept for most of the day, she’s been a very content baby so far. 

Matt initially thought hypnobirthing, ‘what a load of mumbo jumbo’ but even he made a comment last night, well it looks like it worked!


Over the last few weeks I’ve had quite a number of conversations about breastfeeding and realised that so many women seem to really struggle to feed their baby.  The more conversations I have the more I realise how lucky I am, I haven’t had the not latching on struggles, the painful nipples, nor lack of supply – long may it continue!  I fact that hardly anyone I’ve spoken to hasn’t had difficulties or needed guidance – I feel very fortunate to the extent I am reluctant to share my experiences for fear that people will think I am gloating.  Once again, I feel my experience is down to hypobirthing sessions!  They were worth their weight in absolute gold

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