Pregnancy Yoga

Join Sarah & Alice for a new Pregnancy Yoga class in Preston for Trybe Yoga

Prepare your mind and body for birth using gentle highly-effective practice for expectant mums. Combining yoga and hypnobirthing for all you mamas to be. You will leave feeling deeply relaxed and calm.

This is a small and intimate class limited to just 16, where you can create a community. Connect to people in the same boat as you, as well as practice techniques to prepare you for birth.

Sarah Sergeant-Smith combines strengthening postures to build stamina for labour and stretches to create space within the body for your growing baby, helping you feel more comfortable. Alice du Preez then brings in hypnobirthing breathing, meditation and visualization techniques to empower you for a calm and prepared birth.

There is absolutely no experience necessary to join this course – the first class starts Thursday 14 March and will run at the time of 7.30-9pm every week.


Want to ask a question? Call Alice on 07823321103 x

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