Coronavirus and breastfeeding

Tonight i was watching BBC news and alarmingly a doctor on the news recommended that a new mum to a 3 week old baby did not touch her baby for a week and stayed 2 metres away from her baby for that time. Please note this is INCORRECT advice and I have written to the BBC to complain.

Instead she should wash her hands regularly and before handling her baby, clean surfaces frequently and where possible she should breastfeed her baby to give her baby good immunity via her own body’s creation of antibodies to the virus

She absolutely can hold and cuddle her baby and should have regular contact but wearing a mask may reduce the chance of the virus transferring to her baby while the baby is feeding

I have put the link to the world health organisation in my bio and it’s here also. If you are expecting a baby or are a new mum please read

Please speak to your own midwife or health visitor or call a breastfeeding support helpline local to you for more advice

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World Health Organisation Covid -19

New course dates for 2020

Are you expecting a baby in 2020?

This is a great time to be having a baby, and so exciting to start thinking about and planning your birth and postnatal journey. We plan meticulously our nursery, what buggy we want, perhaps local groups to join after your baby is born.

But as a mum of two I can say that the best thing I did was join an antenatal class when I was pregnant, and I made such good friends who have become my lifeline of support as a new mum.

A hypnobirthing course with me, a mum, midwife and passionate antenatal teacher is a all rounded course. You will learn not just what to expect from labour and birth, but how to enjoy the first weeks and months with your new baby. You will make friends and find an immediate support group.

With our group course dates just released, take a look at what dates might suit you. I recommend your birth partner joins too as many of our dads have come away feeling really confident about how best to support you in birth. They also make their own friends in the group!

Think about taking a course anytime from 20 weeks but most expectant parents take a course around weeks 28-32.

Lancashire Hypnobirthing classes take place in Leyland just off the M6 so easily accessible for parents traveling from Blackpool, Preston, Chorley, Wigan, Standish and Blackburn.

New powerful birth story

Victoria and Rob have written a really powerful birth story which can now be read in our birth story section of the site

I had the privilege of being with them in labour and supporting them through a transition from the birth centre to the main delivery suite. They remained calm and in control throughout.

This was my response to their email and story.

“Oh Vicky this made me cry! It’s such a beautiful account of your birth. And such a testament to how strong and together you both were. You can absolutely feel so proud of what you achieved”

If you would like to share your birth story to inspire and support others you can email them to

Or if you would like to be involved in a new upcoming podcast message me, and we can arrange coffee and cake to chat more!

Active Birth Workshop

Have you completed some birth preparation, either online or in person but feel that your birth partner needs something MORE to include them? Create the bond that makes you an AMAZING TEAM for labour and birth.

This workshop will include so many practical techniques, so your birth partner knows exactly how best to support you at ALL the stages of labour

They will be actively involved


and they will feel IN CONTROL


We will cover massage for labour, rebozo, active birth positioning and some simple relaxation techniques for birth

Please note though that this is not a full hypnobirthing course which is the gold award choice for positive birth prep…but this will enhance any birth preparations you have already made. It is also great if you are nearing your birth date and need a further positive boost.

Pregnancy Yoga

Join Sarah & Alice for a new Pregnancy Yoga class in Preston for Trybe Yoga

Prepare your mind and body for birth using gentle highly-effective practice for expectant mums. Combining yoga and hypnobirthing for all you mamas to be. You will leave feeling deeply relaxed and calm.

This is a small and intimate class limited to just 16, where you can create a community. Connect to people in the same boat as you, as well as practice techniques to prepare you for birth.

Sarah Sergeant-Smith combines strengthening postures to build stamina for labour and stretches to create space within the body for your growing baby, helping you feel more comfortable. Alice du Preez then brings in hypnobirthing breathing, meditation and visualization techniques to empower you for a calm and prepared birth.

There is absolutely no experience necessary to join this course – the first class starts Thursday 14 March and will run at the time of 7.30-9pm every week.


Want to ask a question? Call Alice on 07823321103 x

Pregnancy Pamper Party

I will be teaming up with Cat from The Pilates Room this month to bring all you lovely pregnant ladies a really special event!

24th March 3-6pm

This workshop will bring you a whole 3 hours of relaxation, time out for you, with your bump!

You will come away feeling super relaxed, at one with your bump and body, and you will release any aches & tension will just dissipate.


  • Pregnancy pilates
  • Relaxation & hypnobirthing practice
  • mini facials
  • massage & aromatherapy

Bookings being taken now, so get in touch or use the link below to book.


Pregnancy & Birth Relaxation MP3’s

Are you pregnant and wanting to relax?

Are you planning your birth and looking for ways to start practicing hypnobirthing?

Have you thought about hypnobirthing but not sure if its for you?

Are you a Midwife wanting to support women?

As a Midwife would you like to offer your clients free hypnobirthing tracks to support their pregnancy and birth journey?

You are in luck!

Check back for more details….very exciting updates and freebies coming your way!!!

In the meantime…if you are from Cumbria or Lancashire and would like to join us for a free taster hypnobirthing event, then you can book your spot now- tickets just released!!

Buy tickets for Hypnobirthing Taster Class

Optimal cord clamping

What do you know about your babies cord?

Do you know that your baby receives Oxygen from her cord after she is born and that it keeps pulsating for anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes. She has two arteries taking away carbon dioxide and one vein giving her oxygen from you.

How long your cord pulsates for partly depends on whether you choose to have an active or physiological third stage of labour, and you may be recommended and offered to have an active third stage of labour if your labour has been long, you’ve received oxytocin to bring about contractions or if you are at higher risk of bleeding after you’ve had your baby.

Active birth of your placenta

With an active management of the third stage of labour (birth of your placenta) the oxytocin and possibly ergometrine drugs that you receive by injection can stimulate quicker separation of your placenta from your uterus and so your cord stops pulsating sooner. That said your baby receives the oxygen she needs from you, provided the cord is not clamped before at least one minute of age.

Natural birth of your placenta

Ideally your cord if all is well your cord can be left to stopped pulsating naturally, and your placenta separate naturally. Bleeding rates are reported to be the same in low risk births with physiological and active management. Your birth partner can cut babies cord when you feel ready. Ideally for physiological third stage your baby stays attached until your placenta is born! Or you can choose a lotus birth where you keep your placenta attached to baby until the cord drops off (with the help of lots of dried lavender!). For cord clamping you can choose to have hand ties rather than plastic clamps, which are lovely and soft…check out the very talented Umbical cord ties by heartstrings at ://

With meconium

With meconium stained liquor your baby may need some additional support to start breathing at birth, and so this may indicate cutting the cord sooner. However some specially designed side tables are being created at top hospitals to aid starting neonatal resuscitation (giving baby her first breaths to expel fluid from her lungs) while she is still attached to the cord (thus still receiving oxygen).

What your midwife will do is assess immediately at birth how responsive your baby is. She will look at your babies colour, tone, reflexes and if your baby is starting to breathe. The first step, if your baby is not already breathing and active, with the cord still providing oxygen to baby as attached, is to vigorously rub baby down, rubbing toes, hands and body to stimulate the first cry. This cry helps your baby expel any fluid from her lungs, and if meconium stained liquor was present, get rid of this from her lungs. Your baby will then be breathing by herself.

If your baby doesn’t show signs of wanting to cry or react to the rubbing then your midwife will cut the cord, and will call for some additional help. This is by a buzzer that brings help quickly and can sound quite scary but more people = strong team.

If your baby doesn’t immediately cry

Your midwife will then take your baby to a warm flat surface, and with an additional rub down with assess babies colour, tone, breathing and heart rate as well as reactions. If there was a lot of meconium present at birth your midwife might suction some of this from babies mouth, before giving inflation breaths. These breaths are long slow breaths designed to inflate babies lungs and expel more fluid. After 5 of these, we would hope to see your baby starting to breathe by herself. Sometimes some babies need a little more time to come round, and we continue with shorter breaths for 30 seconds until we see baby pinking up and breathing herself. More rarely and if a baby has had a tougher birth, babies need more support with breathing and these breaths given by us to maintain babies oxygen levels need to continue.

and finally…

It’s important to remember that not all babies are born crying immediately and its normal for baby to take a little time to transition from being in the womb. Also your baby might be born a little blue and floppy but we expect by 5 minutes your baby to be nice and pink and alert.

Meconium stained liquor can mean your baby needs a little additional support too when she is born, often just an extra rub down or a few more breaths-that pesky poo!

Any questions or if anything happens in birth and you want to know more about your babies transition to this world ask your midwife or get in touch xxx

To learn more read the fantastic blog post at

Gorgeous image of dad cutting the cord from @southwalesbirthphotographer
You can book Lilian Craze for birth photography to capture those magical moments when your first meet your baby ❤️

Midwife checking the cord pulsation by @liliancrazebirthphotography

Birth story!

Gorgeous new birth story from Amy and her partner Gary. Amy didn’t expect to hypnobirth, she hadn’t actually been to any antenatal or hypnobirthing classes. What she DID DO WAS TRUST in her body and herself, and she listened in labour and took on board everything I could share with her during the time of her induction of labour, before her active labour started. In that time we talked through active birth positioning, calm breathing, massage techniques and the process of birth. She took it all on board and bossed her birth! Amy, you remained beautifully calm and in control, you made the right decisions for you at every step, and it was such a priviledge to share your birth. Gary you were wonderful too, your hand never left Amy’s back and you were with her every step of the way! Congratulations both of you, you should be so proud of what you’ve achieved and your beautiful little girl.

Check out Amy’s positive birth story HERE

Birth story and images shared with consent.

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers — strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”

—Barbara Katz Rothman

Do you want to boss your birth?

You too can feel this confident in birth and your birthing partner can have this much confidence and know exactly how to support you in labour.

If you take part in a Connect Hypnobirthing Course you will find out exactly what to expect from your birth, how to remain calm, focussed and positive.

You will practice deep breathing techniques to support you in labour.

You will learn massage techniques to support pregnancy back ache and labour.

In labour and birth you will understand the best choices and how you can make them together, with your birth supporters so you feel involved at all stages.

Spaces are available now for March Group course in Preston and February and April in Cumbria. Send me a message below to find out more!

Contact Alice

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A group hypnobirthing course at Studio One

Free birth resources

You can access free birth resources HERE to support your birth preparation, keep calm and enjoy!

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