Lancashire Hypnobirthing

  • Full 10 hours of teaching and relaxation
  • You and your birthing partner will feel really confident for labour, birth and for when your baby is here
  • I help you feel prepared for making choices
  • You can stay calm and in control
  • Leave feeling really positive about your remaining time in pregnancy and birth
  • Make fantastic friends and develop that support network for after you’ve had your baby

What makes a Connect Hypnobirthing course stand out?

I offer a full antenatal course, taught by myself, a Midwife with experience in caseloading, homebirth and delivery suite. In my time as a Midwife I have also cared for mum’s who have experienced induction of labour, and planned caesarean births. As a community midwife I have given much postnatal breastfeeding and sleep support.

Common misconceptions about Hypnobirthing are that it is for those who wish to go drug and intervention free: Hypnobirthing can work very well alongside the comfort measures you choose to use for your birth, it can help you stay calm and relaxed during an induction process, a medicalised birth (for whatever reason) and during a caesarean.

Fully trained in Rebozo, breech birth, pregnancy massage, hypnobirthing and relaxation support. In the course I bring all of these together so it is designed specially to support you, no matter what turns your pregnancy or birth journey takes.

I recommend taking a course anytime from 20 weeks of pregnancy to give you plenty of time to prepare, you will have continual contact and support so won’t forget your learning!


Course Dates

September 14th & 15th

October 12th & 13th

I will be going on Maternity Leave from November for baby number 2!

Read recent client reviews

“I enjoyed the entire weekend! If I had to pinpoint what I enjoyed the most it would have to be, the way Alice made all of the couples feel at ease. She made everyone feel safe and comfortable to share their thoughts, feeling and experiences and this meant that we could all learn from each other too.

I would definitely recommend this course to every couple expecting a baby. Alice is truly amazing at what she does and we have learnt so much from her. Michael and I were both a little clueless when it came to birth and equally felt rather nervous about the whole experience to come. The course has completely changed our mindset, we now feel educated and empowered to make decisions about our positive birth experience. It was also a great chance to meet other likeminded parents.”.

Katie & Michael, Jan Hypnobirthing course

We attended Alice’s 5-week course and what a great preparation it was. The course was well organised and Alice took the time to make sure that it was tailored to the needs of all the participants. She brings a wonderful calmness to her teaching alongside her expertise and goes above and beyond what could possibly be expected in terms of support. We didn’t get the birth we’d hoped for, unfortunately, but we were still able to use the techniques Alice taught us to deal with the birth that we did experience. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Kate & Ian Oct Hypnobirthing Course