Course Information

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing teaches you the skills and tools to make any birth feel safe, calm, connected and empowering. Drawing on her experience working with new mums, Alice helps you prepare for a positive (not ‘perfect’) birth experience and approach motherhood with confidence in yourself and your instincts.

What will I learn?

  • What birth options are available to you in Lancashire or Cumbria- and how to understand the British healthcare system.
  • How best to support your growing baby to move into the best position in pregnancy, labour and birth using the teachings of Rebozo and free access to the brilliant 10 video course Align Your Baby by Anthonissa Moger (usually £26) .
  • Massage techniques so your birthing partner can soothe you, boost your natural endorphins and oxytocin (thankfully I was able to teach my husband just in time!).
  • Aromatherapy for your birth-what is best to use at what time, with teaching by the fantastic Jen at Redemption Health using the very best doTerra oils.
  • Practical breathing and birth positioning using hypnobirthing as a tool to naturally boost calm and reduce fear in birth. You will learn how to support labours natural process but also to continue to support your birth whether induced or planned caesarean.
  • Deep relaxation to practice in pregnancy and use during labour-we work through visualisations you receive affirmation cards in class for you.
  • Build the confidence of your partner to best support you in labour and learn and talk about what you want and what choices you may face.
  • Throughout the course we will use evidence based practice and current guidelines to support your knowledge and help you make informed choices with your healthcare provider.
  • Small classes enable plenty of time for personal reflection and 1:1 questions.

This includes:

  • 10 hours (weekend course) of teaching plus home projects with teaching content as described above
  • A fantastic online padlet with all the future information you need and links to excellent resources and videos for your use.
  • Birth affirmation cards
  • Class & home workbook
  • A copy of my favourite hypnobirthing book ‘Your Baby Your Birth’
  • A huge selection of hypnobirthing relaxation MP3’s to practice with
  • Created by you massage oil with aromatherapy oils
  • Super brilliant Align Your Baby online course created by Anthonissa Moger:-The Hypnobirthing Midwife.
  • A beautiful mum to be pack, with gorgeous supplies from Jessie Bakes, Isabella & Us and bespoke treats for you created by Alice.
  • Whatsapp group for ongoing support
  • Access to The Connect Baby Hub online community
  • Ongoing telephone support
  • A postnatal visit in your home to reflect on your birth experience or online video chat if in person not available
  • Free postnatal mums group to support your new mum journey
  • Priority booking for pregnancy relaxation classes

If you would like to book a course to start your Hypnobirthing journey see course dates in Kendal, Cumbria or Leyland, Lancashire.