Pregnancy classes

Lancashire Pregnancy Classes

We have created an online resource, a Lancashire pregnancy padlet where you can find links for all the best Lancashire pregnancy classes and evidence based birth information. Once booked on our hypnobirthing course you will receive the log-on code for your course specific workbook. There are also free links to the best available evidence for pregnancy, birth and early postnatal period. Each padlet is split into topical areas to make it easier for you to find the information you’re looking for.

Examples include the RCOG guidelines if induction of labour, the NICE guidelines on care in labour and many birth videos.

There is information on home birth, birth physiology and hypnobirthing techniques. You can listen to relaxation tracks, watch positive birth videos (no OBEM) and get excited about your birth.

✨The lists will be continually updated so keep coming back for more!✨



I have long wanted to create a place where you can go to get the BEST birth information. It’s a passion of mine as a Midwife that women find and receive information that makes them able to make informed decisions. When armed with information you can decide what’s right for you, feel in control and best support your birth preparation. Often in today’s NHS maternity services appointments are just 10 or 15 minutes long so it’s just not possible to check on maternal and fetal wellbeing as well as share all the information you need. You will often be signposted, but information is in many different places. Scattered in Google searches are scaremongering resources which perpetuates the birth fear cycle. What you need to hear is a positive message.

SO here you will find the RIGHT information all in ONE PLACE.

🙌Equally if you find a birth piece you love let me know about it so we can share it with others 🙌