Private Connect Hypnobirthing

Private Preston and Lancashire Connect Hypnobirthing classes are fully bespoke to you. These classes are designed to be fully adapted to you and your needs, as they take place in your own home. If you feel you would like to be nurtured in your pregnancy; supported and taught in a relaxed, tailored way, then give yourself that opportunity now.

Private Preston and Lancashire Connect Hypnobirthing

Why book a private class?

  • You might find yourself at 36 weeks before you can start a class and then its best to find a time that suits you so you can get the maximum practice in
  • You would like a refresher course that is tailored to you
  • You would like one-one time to discuss previous birth trauma, and use Alice’s specialist training to support your recovery.
  • You would like to have one to one time to get to know each other so that you can have maximum support postnatally, and we will plan your calm postnatal experience
  • I can support you to plan a calm caesarean birth if this is what you need.


For an intensive 6 hour + course for both you and your partner the investment £300 including all of the materials described in the course information page. You will receive complete ongoing support and weekly positive birth messages. This also includes a pregnancy massage and postnatal session in your own home. Alice is happy to give you a call to discuss your own needs further, get in touch and let me know when is best to speak x