Recommended providers

Are you after a sling? Or a reusable nappy?

Would you like to find an osteopath? Or a pregnancy massage therapist?

We are here to help! Recommended and trusted practitioners are listed below with more found over at Lancashire Pregnancy Classes Padlet.

The Sling Works

Hello! Welcome!
Let me introduce myself…
I’m Judith, Babywearing Consultant and owner of The Slingworks.
I first used slings over 11 years ago with my daughter, and really caught the babywearing bug with my son 9 years ago.
Since becoming involved in the sling world I have trained with Trageschule UK at both Foundation and Advanced level, and completed the Slingababy Consultancy course in 2017.
Over the past 11 years I have built up a great deal of knowledge and experience of different slings and how to use them, and have a passion for using that knowledge to enable parents and carers to enjoy the amazing benefits that come from carrying their child in a sling.
Carrying should be safe, comfortable and fun – my aim is to help as many families as possible experience this.
I offer one-to-one consultations in your home, small group teaching and workshops. The Slingworks has a collection of over 50 different carriers and is growing all the time.
I can’t wait to meet you and join you on your carrying journey.
Judith xx

You can contact Judith on:

07742 705569

Pregnancy Massage

Alice is trained as a pregnancy massage therapist and can offer an hours completely relaxing massage. This is safe at anytime of pregnancy, and is tailored to your needs. Mums have reported finding massage beneficial particularly if experiencing symphysis pubic dysfunction or back ache. I teach you exercises to further your pregnancy support, and support your baby aligning to the best position for birth.

A one hour massage is £38 and can be booked as a gift.

Reusable Nappies

I highly recomend using reusable nappies, we have LOVED our Baba and Boo nappies, as they have fitted Tabs perfectly. But different nappies suit different babies.

Top Tips

I would recommend reading about nappies on

Check if your local council is running a scheme where you get a voucher or money off reusable nappies, they often do as they are so keen to support this hugely environmentally friendly practice!

Join the facebook group

On this group you can ask questions, and better still buy or resell nappies. This helps a lot in the beginning when you are working out what brand works best for your baby, as some fit better than others. Going second hand is a big win as often you can sell your ‘stash’ for as much as your bought it, so you are not losing any money!

There is a real nappy week where you can get big discounts, worth waiting to buy new ones then!

Ask a friend who also loves their nappies! They may even have a few to lend you to try out.

Find a Nappy Library where you can hire starter kits, local to Lancashire there is a group in Ormskirk

Placental Encapsulation

Hi I’m Hollie and I’m a placenta encapsulation specialist and founder of Pure Placenta! The placenta is full of nutrients, minerals and hormones which can all help to facilitate a smoother and quicker recovery from birth. For more information and guidance how how placenta encapsulation can support you through your post natal recovery please get in touch.

Aromatherapy for pregnancy, birth and the postnatal

Would you like to find wonderful aromatherapy oils to support your calm birth journey? Look to Jen who is available to contact- she is just fabulous!

Jen is a nurse, wife and a mum of three young children. Read her blurb below!

“I am passionate about the health benefits both physically and emotionally of essential oils.

They have been a wonderful addition to our home, providing us with many natural solutions.

It is my joy and privilege to share my experiences with others and empower others with knowledge to make changes in their own lives, using the oils to support them daily. 

Safety is so important when choosing products to use in pregnancy and birth, and even more so when thinking about caring for a newborn. I’d love to help and support you on this journey and help connect you with the best quality oils. The link below will take you to my online shop, but if you would like more information or to attend a free class to learn more please send me a message and I’ll get back to you”.

Lactation biscuits

The gorgeous Jessie Bakes creates incredible lactation biscuit mixes. The contents are recognised Galactagogues – “Substances that improve milk supply” All you need to do is add water and coconut oil, bake & enjoy! You can buy these fab products and more at