Relaxation Classes

Pregnancy pilates and relaxation

I am delighted to bring you a new class for 2019! Specifically designed to support you in pregnancy, Cat Mould Pilates and I are combining our expertise. We have a fantastic 6 week course with both pilates for pregnancy and relaxation.

This hour and a half long class is designed to perfectly prepare you for birth. The first 45 minutes will be spent with the wonderful and experienced Cat developing your strength and alignment for pregnancy. 

Pilates exercise during pregnancy will help to relieve back pain, increase labour stamina, improve flexibility, strengthen the pelvic floor and helps mums-to-be relax and unwind.

Following on from your pilates you will then be invited to relax on your mat for a further 45 minutes of deep relaxation with Alice. This time will be for you, calming, mediative and with a focus on your breathing, so that you can support your practice for a calm, positive birth. Using techniques that support hypnobirthing you will find yourself drifting off to a restful sleep, with massage and calmness. We have some time too to share top tips for birth and talk about you and your pregnancy.

Tickets for our September course just released this bank holiday

Book your space below for our next 6 week course starting 3rd September

Join us at The Pilates Room, at Trybe, Penwortham

  • You will hear soulful harp music designed just for these relaxation clases
  • You will smell incredible aromatherapy oils which will induce a sense of calm
  • You will feel warmth and comfort as you lie with bolsters, cushions and blankets
  • You will release all tension and stress as you focus on your breath, and have an hour just to yourself

The Evidence

A recent randomized control trial (RCT) by the University of Surrey, School of Psychology evaluated the effect of the online MBCT Be Mindful course, with its basis in mindfulness and relaxation. Results published in the Journal ‘Mindfulness’ in May 2018 showed that participants who completed the course reported significantly lower levels of perceived stress, depression and anxiety. Be Mindful course completers enjoyed:

63% decrease in depression | 58% reduction in anxiety | 40% reduction in perceived stress

These effects were also maintained at the 3- & 6-month follow-up. These outcomes rival those of studies which employed a group face-to-face mindfulness-based intervention.

An RCT from the University of Surrey (published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology) showed significant average reductions in work-related rumination, chronic fatigue and improvements in sleep quality for completers of the Be Mindful online course:

25% decrease in rumination | 26% reduction in fatigue | 33% improved sleep quality

Our class is getting brilliant feedback and I am so pleased to see people are coming back week on week. Come and try out a class for yourself and see what relaxation can do for you!